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Climb the Mountain

Speech & Debate Foundation


Climb the Mountain provides support for coaches, students, and judges to build a bigger and even better speech and debate community.

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Welcome to Climb the Mountain Speech & Debate!

Dedicated to empowering Speech and Debate Coaches, Judges, and Students. We seek to increase participation, encourage a supportive community, and build excellence in competition.

Contact Jim at with questions, needs, aspirations. He wants to help you and your students—that’s his job!

Bellevue Clinic
Saturday October 8, 2016


Setup your Clinic!

We come to your location. We will help your students prepare for the new topics, speeches, interps. Coaches get ideas for instruction, recruiting, etc.

Join us for our Middle School Debate Camp!

Held at Explorer West Middle School, the camp is a great summer experience for learning how to express yourself more effectively—to debate well! For beginners and those with experience.

Join us for our High School Speech & Debate Camp!

Held at Pacific Lutheran University, the camp is a great summer program that prepares students and coaches in Policy-CX, LD, Public Forum, Congress, and IEs at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.



Spring 2016 Newsletter--read about what we are doing!





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